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Mold Inspections

Mold is everywhere and can be found both indoors and outdoors regardless of geographic location. There are 3 classifications of mold, allergenic, pathogenic and toxic. Most molds are allergenic and do not pose a serious health risk or hazard, while some can can produce allergic reactions, flu-like symptoms, or other more severe health effects for susceptable individuals. At greatest risk are the elderly, children, and those suffering from respiratory ailments or disease. Reducing exposure is advisable for everyone, and may eliminate or substantially lower related health problems or risks.

A mold inspection should always be considered when health risk or hazard may be present to occupants of indoor environments due to fungal contamination. The professionals here at Qual Tech take into consideration the many factors to contribute to a client's full understanding of the quality of their indoor air.

Individuals are exposed to some type of mold as a part of everyday life. Molds need moisture, a food source, oxygen and to be left alone to flourish.  They are also a necessary part of life that work as decomposers of organic substances. People are exposed to mold through the air they breath, ingestion, or dermal contact. Many variations given the right conditions have the potential to cause ill health effects in susceptible individual. While some individuals appear to suffer no ill effects when exposed to mold, others can be aggravated by brief exposure.

A professional mold inspection can assist the consumer in determining root cause and the course of action required to prevent re0ccurence.

Mold Inspections

  • Complete mold investigations for residential and commercial properties.
  • Our findings, conclusions, recommendations and digital color photos photographs are assembled into a complete report.
  • We use the latest in inspection equipment such as digital hygrometers, thermal imaging, moisture meters and Bio-Pumps for air quality testing.
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