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Lead Paint Abatement

Lead Paint Abatement

Lead paint abatement ends the threat of lead poisoning in homes, businesses, schools and care facilities. Our certified technicians safely eliminate the most common source of lead poisoning – breathing in the dust created as lead based paint deteriorates and peels. Lead paint was used in an estimated 38 million residential buildings and in even more facilities until it was banned in 1978. The National Lead Information Center (NLIC) recommends you hire certified lead-based paint professionals to handle removal to ensure that dangerous dust and fumes do not circulate as the work is done.

Lead is a toxic metal and is especially dangerous to children under six years of age. Lead gets into the body when it is swallowed or inhaled, which children do during eating and playing. It affects their brains and nervous systems, causing learning disabilities and behavior problems. Even children who seem healthy can have hazardous levels of lead in their bodies.

  • Lead is also harmful to adults who are exposed to dust and paint chips. Even low levels can prompt high blood pressure and hypertension. A pregnant woman can transfer lead to a fetus.

For these reasons you need certified lead paint abatement professionals. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends you hire, “someone who knows how to do this work safely and has the proper equipment to clean up thoroughly. Certified contractors will employ qualified workers and follow strict safety rules set by their state or the federal government.”

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