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How It Works

The unique, patented Humidex moisture control and ventilation unit will:

  • EXPEL moisture, gases, toxins, and pollutants 
  • REPLENISH the polluted, damp air with healthy, dry air  
  • VENTILATE the entire house, drying out the structure

Unlike a conventional dehumidifier which does not exchange the air, ventilate the basement and is costly to operate, Humidex will provide a healthier, drier and more comfortable home at a fraction of the cost.

The quiet, yet powerful Humidex system draws in moist, contaminated indoor pollutants, and expels them safely from the home. This unhealthy air is then replaced with a flow of drier, fresher air drawn downward from the upper levels. Replenishment air comes from the outdoors and enters the home naturally via windows, doors, and other openings. In essence, Humidex not only provides the home with much needed healthier outdoor air, it creates crucial ventilation within the home which inhibits the growth of molds and reduces moisture related problems.

STEP 1 - Expel

The moisture seeping in through the foundation and generated from normal activities contribute to a heavy moisture laden air mass at the floor level of the basement and crawl space. It is also the coldest surface, thereby resulting in the highest relative humidity. 

In poorly ventilated areas, the damp air stagnates and creates an environment conducive to mold growth, structural damage and discomfort.

The quality of air in the lower levels are saturated with contaminants from combustion appliances, chemicals, gases, radon and vapor toxins that permeate in from underneath.

When a Humidex system is installed and operating, this stagnant, damp, contaminated air is drawn to the bottom vents of the unit by a powerful, yet quiet, ventilation fan. This is the distinct uniqueness and effectiveness of Humidex, in that it is directing the effort to the source of the problem and where it persists. When the surface moisture is drawn off, the moisture within the walls tends to come to the exterior surface and is also expelled, resulting in a process that is drying out the structure.

STEP 2 - Replenish

Once the moist air is drawn into the powerful, quiet patented Humidex system, it is then expelled to outside of the house through a 6" dedicated duct. This flushed-out, contaminated air is then replaced with a flow of relatively drier, warmer and fresher air drawn downward from the upper levels. The warmer air will lower the relative humidity and reduce the condensation on the basement surface.

The interior upstairs air is then replaced with cleaner, fresher outdoor air entering the home naturally via windows, doors, and cracks.

STEP 3 - Ventilate

The Humidex system is automatically controlled by an adjustable humidistat that regulates the flow of air. When the desired level of humidity is achieved, the fan will reduce speed and resume a higher speed if humidity level increases. At a high rate, which is only at peak times, it will be equivalent to two bathroom fans. In maintenance mode it's a fraction of that, enough to meet the minimum air exchange required.

The direct effect of the air being expelled and the flow of air downward creates an air exchange throughout. As the moisture is drawn off the surface, the moisture absorbed in the walls and floor comes to the surface and is then expelled, reducing structural damage.


Sold in military housing, property managers, HUD, and public housing.

There are different sizes and models available.  All sales include complete installation and 10 Year Factory Warranty. Free in home estimate, please contact us to arrange an appointment.
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